We are Japanese used tractor , farm machinery and Used Trucks and used cars seller in JAPAN. We can export

New arrived Used Tractors

2024-05-07 update

You want Japanese used Tractor? Yes we selling!

#1 Good condition only
We export used tractor (ex.kubota which made in Japan) and used trucks all over the world.

These are good condition only.

Dont warry about bad conditon tracors, we dont sell bad condition.


Number one in customer satisfaction

The reason for that is because the condition of our used tractors we handle is very good.
We don’t want to sell badcondition tractors. It is pointless.

Our customers sell tractors purchased from us.We want customers to be more profitable.To that end, we check the tractors carefully and strive to minimize problems when customers sell.

The work is very detailed and it is a burden for us, but it is impossible to mislead our work.

Please try selling our tractor once by all means. You will be surprised at the high profit margin.

We have many stocks

Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, etc…

We have many used trators and trucks.

Motorcysles too.


How many units can be exported?

Exports are by container. Trading in small numbers is not possible.

Where do you get your tractors from?

Directly used by Japanese farmers. We purchase only high-quality tractors through strict checks.

phytosanitary certificate is OK?

We fulfill our obligations for “machinery and vehicles that have been used for agricultural or forestry purposes” for which a phytosanitary certificate is required. We have obtained a certificate from the Japanese government.

Company profile

Company NameHANDS.co,ltd
PresidentToshiharu Kureta
FoundedJuly 2004
Annual turnover300 million Yen
BanksThe Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
Head OfficeNishi-shi, Minami-ku, Okayama City 97-3
Business contentsUsed Tractors for sale ,Agricultural machinery, Construction machinery, Used Trucks
Curio deal authorization number721130017816
Trading countryPhilippines, UK, France, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal,Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nigeria
PicuresUsed Tractors, Pick up Gallery
SNSfacebook page

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For those who wish to contact our company, there are two ways to contact us.
Access to this page contact forms and facebook page.

We recommend contacting us through our facebook page.

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